Jan 21 2011

Boy George on here

♫ I’ll tumbl for ya ♫ I’ll tumbl for ya  I’ll tumbl for ya — I’ll tumbl for you 

May 10 2010

My Duvet Cover Invention: Ole’!

So the duvet cover has been off our down comforter since the weekend, and no way that’s going unaddressed for another minute.

But the freshly laundered cover is inside-out, so I sorta put it on like an oversized ghost costume and pinch at the inside corners to pull them right-side-in, see? Kind of with this matador move, I’m imagining.

Once inside, I realize that if the wife, who as usual is standing around arms akimbo while I make the bed, hands me the corresponding corners of the duvet cover, I can grab them and flip the whole thing out in one big turnout that will also perfectly flatten and center the comforter.

Which it does.

And then, for the next 25 minutes, I button fucking buttons.

Apr 28 2010



Say helo to my lilfren

Say helo to my lilfren

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